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ITV Legacy The Origins of Civilization 3 of 6 China The Mandate free download

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Name: ITV Legacy The Origins of Civilization 3 of 6 China The Mandate
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Legacy - The Origins of Civilization

History Documentary hosted by Michael Wood and published by ITV, NHK in 1991 - English narration


The Legacy series is a search for the first civilizations and their continuing legacies. Each hour-long program focuses on one of the following regions: Iraq, India, China, Egypt, Central America, and the West.

At best, this search for the continuing legacies of past civilizations can help explain how different cultures have developed over time, show how the past greatly influences all our lives, and cultivate a respect for other cultures. At worst, it can send a message that these civilizations have remained virtually unchanged through time, unlike the West, and cultivate a false view of other peoples as less "modern." The negative impact of the assumption that other cultures are not as modern as the West surfaces when Westerners make judgements, business deals, and policy decisions based on this assumption. Although Legacy aspires to the former objective, it often ends up fulfilling the latter. For example, the following statements by writer and presenter Michael Wood exemplify how the language Westerners often use to talk about non-Western peoples relegates them to a space and time outside of a Western view of the universe: "Two conceptions of civilization have fought for the soul of the peoples of the Americas, one foreign and recent, that of the West, the other ancient and native;" "For over 2000 years, China has been sustained by ideas virtually unchanged since the Bronze Age." Throughout the series, comments like the ones above and the relative absence of images of people creating and using modern technology make it difficult for viewers to see the integral roles non-Western peoples occupy in the present.

Each program in the series seeks to outline the "great tradition" of a civilization. Wood's explorations of these various civilizations' great traditions are attempts to delineate some of the broad cultural principles which hold cultures together and distinguish them from one another. However, his efforts serve to create essentialized descriptions of societies that are comprised of numerous classes, ethnic groups, religions, and other types of communities (e.g. agrarian, nomadic, and urban). These descriptions are reminiscent of Ruth Benedict's characterizations of the Hopi and Apache as Apollonian and Dionysian, respectively. Specifically, he characterizes Iraqis as long-suffering, resilient, hard-bitten, and pessimistic people; he states that Indians hold non-violence, renunciation, the inner-life, and the female as pillars of their civilization; he claims that the Chinese are guided by Confucianism, reverence for ancestors, and the quest for harmony; he asserts that the key to understanding the lives of ancient Egyptians was their desire to overcome time, a yearning to live beyond their time on earth and become immutable; he characterizes Mayans as obsessed with time and the mathematics of eternity, Aztecs as war-like, and all Central Americans as possessed of an inner strength that would allow them to bear any burden, even one as heavy as the last 500 years; and lastly, he describes the great tradition of the West as rooted in a contradiction between savagery and idealism. One can only imagine an encounter between a Westerner and non-Westerner in which the Westerner judges the non-Westerner as an inauthentic Indian, Mayan or Iraqi because he/she does not conform to the essentialized characterizations above.

Wood's presentation is also problematic because he does not allow the people whose civilizations he examines to speak for themselves. Even when he does interview people, he does not allow the viewer to hear their words directly or through a translator, rather he summarizes and interprets the meaning of their statements. In short, Wood deprives them of their ability to represent themselves.

Wood is an ever-present guide through the series, perhaps distractingly so. There are several shots focused on him walking through crowds and across landscapes, and of him looking at buildings and artifacts where he obstructs the audience's view of the object under discussion. The scenes in which he observes buildings, art or ceremonies seem like guides for tourists, instructing them how to properly admire these objects and phenomena.

Each video contains a great deal of information on the civilization it investigates, but the presentation of this information is problematic. In addition to its function as a source of information, this series could be useful as a study of the ways in which cultural information is presented, especially in comparison to other films.

3) China - The Mandate of Heaven
In this episode, Wood travels to An Yan in central China where the first Chinese civilization flourished, to the religious site of Tai Shan, and throughout the Chinese countryside to illustrate the basis of traditional Chinese culture: Confucianism, reverence for ancestors and the maintenance of harmony. This episode makes clear the idea of a spiritual East versus a material West suggested by the episode on India.

The influence of the past is so strong in Chinese society, Wood claims, that just when modern Chinese think they have gotten out of its grasp it pulls them back. As in the other segments of the series, the West is represented as a powerful agent in the modern world, whereas it is implied that non-Western societies' full integration into the modern world is hampered by their retention of traditional practices and philosophies. Throughout the series, "modern" seems to refer not to the twentieth century itself, but to economies, technologies and types of social organization (e.g. capitalism, computers, and multinational corporations) that have been cultivated in the twentieth century by powerful entities such as the West and Japan. Although the series may succeed in dispelling notions of the inherent superiority or inferiority of particular societies, its specific use of the term modern makes it difficult for viewers to escape the patronizing notion that many nations today lag behind the West and need the West to modernize or develop. The patronizing view of non-Western peoples this series allows is exemplified in odd scene from this episode in which Wood picks up a Chinese boy who trips in front of him on the street. Wood does not point to any significant sites, buildings or objects in this scene, it is simply a sequence of him walking through a Chinese town. One wonders why the scene was included in the final cut.


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