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Black Sabbath - Cross Purposes [Japanese version ] with Bonus track and covers (1994) free download

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Name: Black Sabbath - Cross Purposes [Japanese version ] with Bonus track and covers (1994)
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Category: Music - Metal
Size: 71 MB
Date Add: October 07, 2008
01 I Witness.mp3 - 6.9 MB
02 Cross Of Thorns.mp3 - 6.3 MB
03 Psychophobia.mp3 - 4.5 MB
04 Virtual Death.mp3 - 8 MB
05 Immaculate Deception.mp3 - 5.9 MB
06 Dying For Love.mp3 - 8.1 MB
07 Back To Eden.mp3 - 5.5 MB
08 The Hand That Rocks The Cradle.mp3 - 6.2 MB
09 Cardinal Sin.mp3 - 6 MB
10 Evil Eye.mp3 - 8.3 MB
11 What's The Use (Bonus Track).mp3 - 4.2 MB
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covers included

with bonus track What's The Use

1. I Witness

2. Cross Of Thorns

3. Psychophobia

4. Virtual Death

5. Immaculate Deception

6. Dying For Love

7. Back To Eden

8. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

9. Cardinal Sin

10. Evil Eye

11. What's The Use

Like Dehumanizer never happened, September 13, 2006

Lunar Strain "Thrash, don't mind if I do" (United States) - See all my reviews

After the short lived 1992 Dio reunion which resulted in the excellent album Dehumanizer, Sabbath returns with vocalist Tony Martin like the Dio reunion gig never happened after the album TYR.

Sabbath also drops the ultra heavy doomy sound from Dehumanizer and returns to more of the tradition sound that was found on the Martin albums of the past. Still Cross Purposes sounds a tad different from those albums as it doesn't have the full blown keyboard effect. Even though it doesn't quit sound the same I still feel that this would have been the natural progression of the band even if Dehumanizer never happened. It was the early 90's and Sabbath modernized their sound nicely for that era with Cross Purposes

It seems a lot of people were upset when Dio left the group again and that Tony Martin came back. I in fact was very happy as I find Tony Martin to be one of the finest vocalists to grace the genre of metal so I accepted Cross Purposes with open arms.

The album opens with I Witness, a more up beat track and a perfect way to open the album. The second song Cross of Thorns is a slower track with fantastic emotional lyrics. I've always found Tony Martin to write great lyrics and his voice just brings them to life. This track is perhaps the best on the album. The album picks up the beat again with Psychophobia with a monstrous riff by Iommi. What's interesting is Martin sounds almost like Dio sometimes on this song. Virtual Death is a much slower doomier song with an odd distortion on Martin's vocals. I wasn't too hot on this track and it's usually a skipper. Immaculate Deception is a decent heavier track right before the nice Sabbath ballad Dying for Love. I'm not sure what it is but with Iommi's guitar talents and Martin's vocals....ballads just seem to work. Good song. The last four songs are nice solid hard rockers.

Overall I didn't find it to be a bad album at all. I however didn't like Cross Purposes near as much as Martin's three previous Sabbath outings The Eternal Idol, Headless Cross, and TYR. I just found those be terrific outings and Cross Purposes doesn't quit live up to the standards on those release. It just lacks the catchiness and overall greatness found on those (and plus I really dig the 80's feel of those albums). Even with its very few disappointments, Cross Purposes is still very much worth checking out for fans of the underrated Martin-era Sabbath albums.

I just find it a shame that Sabbath's next album Forbidden didn't turn as good or better than this. That album is eternally terrible (check out my review on it and you'll see how much I despise it) and in my opinion this officially ends the great Tony Martin era of Sabbath.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Another Strong Tony Martin Era Release, October 15, 2006

Steven Sly (Kalamazoo, MI United States) - See all my reviews


Another Sabbath album with Tony Martin at the helm and in my opinion another good one. "Cross Purposes" was the album that came after the ill fated reunion with Ronnie James Dio and its subsequent release "Dehuminizer". Although I am a huge Dio fan was really disappointed with the reunion effort and think that "Cross Purposes" blows "Dehumanizer" away. The music on this album sounds the most like classic Sabbath of any of the Tony Martin era recordings as the team of Butler / Iommi combine once again to produce some really strong material. Bobby Rondineli (Rainbow, Blue Oyster Cult, And Quiet Riot) is also on hand n the drum kit and delivers a fine performance. Although he seems to get slammed by many die hard Sabbath fans I maintain that Tony Martin is an incredible vocalist and this album produces some of his best work to date. Highlights include the opening track "I Witness", the heavy handed "Virtual Death" that has Geezer's signature bottom end written all over it, the ballad "Dying For Love", and the catchy rocker "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle". Tony Iommi has some really tasty guitar solos on this album and shows that he was still a very capable guitarist in the mid-90's. The album peters out for me a bit with the last two tracks "Cardinal Sin" and "Evil Eye" which are ok, but nothing spectacular. Overall I would rate this right behind "Tyr" as one of the best Sabbath albums of the 80's or 90's.

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4.0 out of 5 stars The Meeting of Tony Martin and Geezer Butler!, April 16, 2001

Matthew Jordan "devilmanozzy" (Saint Joseph, IL United States) - See all my reviews


This album seemed to be so many things to so many people. This album first off was the album after the Dehumanizer Album which was goingto make ths album look weak. Geezer stays in the fold and Tony Martin comes in. Egos clash. We get weird new album. Geezer gets mad! lol. Later on in the tour Geezer Butler leaves the band and joins Ozzy Osbournes Solo band. Then by advice by Ozzy try's again to get a solo band running (He tried this in the Late 80's too.) And one song on G//Z/R speaks to Tony Iommi. "Give up the Ghost" which was saying that Sabbath was nothing more than a ghost of itself due to Tony running the name in the group. But Before you jump over this......Remember that Black Sabbath is always been Egos Fighting Egos. As of today, Ozzy ,Geezer, Tony and Bill Ward Are quite happy with the band. Lets just review the songs!. . . 1. I Witness -This song was a desent start to the album. Very much like songs off of Headless Cross and TYR. 90% . . 2. Cross Of Thorns- This song also went along the same lines as the last one. 90%3. Psychophobia - This song somehow has a way of being remembered after listening to it. This song is pretty good and should be the start of the album! 95% . .4. Virtual Death - I don't understand why people don't like this track. If Your into Sabbath you should like this one! Geezer's dirty hands were all over it! I lovethe bass in this one! And Tony Martin does some REAL singing! (Reminds me of Alice in Chains!) 100% . ,. 5. Immaculate Deception - Has some interesting words in it but loses interest. 85% . .6. Dying For Love - This song is not my fav. at all. It's Soft and if you like Headless Cross era Sabbath you probably will like it. I did Not! 75% 7. Back To Eden - This song brings the album back up! Love some of the interesting things Tony has to say in this song. 95% . . 8. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle - At first listen this song will feel sort of lame but please try listening to it 3 times before passing judgment on it. It has some great guitar in it! 90% 9. Cardinal Sin - Funny song. I could tell that Geezer was in on this one! Very much a slap on the Church! 95% . .10. Evil Eye- This song was very good for a single. I'm suprised no one ever talks about this song. 95% . . (Japan Extra Track 11. What's the Use- This track is worth the time and effort to get. It's Fast and clever. This song should have been on the album! 95% . .)If you like this album you should try out: Black Sabbath- TYR, Black Sabbath- Headless Cross, Black Sabbath- Forbidden, Black Sabbath- Etenal Idol.

MARTIN & IOMMI ARE HOT, February 22, 2002

Michael Courtney "exiled01" (San Antonio, Texas United States) - See all my reviews


Since there is no info with this American release from I.R.S. I will provide it with a brief review. The band is Tony Iommi(guitar), Tony Martin(vocals), Geezer Butler(bass), Bobby Rondinelli(drums), and Geoff Nicholls(keyboards). The disc is produced by Leif Mases & Black Sabbath. All of the songs are written by Butler, Martin, & Iommi.

The songs, in the order they appear are "I Witness", "Cross of Thorns", "Psychophobia", "Virtual Death", "Immaculate Deception", "Dying for Love", "Back to Eden", "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle", "Cardinal Sin", and "Evil Eye". If you are familiar with Sabbath works with Martin on vocals, this release is one of the best and is only surpased by THE ETERNAL IDOL. Please note, I do not own all of the Martin releases, but I do have 5 of them and am still working.

Of the 10 songs, the album starts out on fire with three straight attention grabbers. The recording and pressing of this disc is excellent and I don't believe it wise to pursue the import, unless it has extra tracks. The disc sounds great from begining to end, but the first and last 3 songs are, in my opinion, the best. The whole disc is a great listen, though, don't let my meager remarks fool you. Martin's voice is strong as it has ever been and I hate to say, is almost Dio-ish. Iommi continues to play great guitar, electric and acoustic. Butler contibutes some nice licks and Bobby is still quite the drummer without Quiet Riot. Geoff Nicholls adds a great deal of mood and atmosphere with his keyboards. For the price this is an excellent bargain; you'll still have money for a Jumbo Jack and fries. The music will last forever!

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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful:

4.0 out of 5 stars Tony Martin returns., December 4, 2005

NFL Fanatic (United States) - See all my reviews

This CD deserves a high rating just for the first track alone - "I Witness" is one of my favorite Sabbath songs. Another song I like on here a lot is "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle." I think that is the only song on here release as a single.

I've seen Bobby Rondinelli in concert before, when he played for Blue Oyster Cult. Also played drums for Rainbow and several other high-profile miscians. He is a great drummer and plays very well on here.

Check out the video CROSS PURPOSES - you can see several songs from this CD performed live on that. Geezer Butler returns for this CD and that DVD.

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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:

4.0 out of 5 stars Dio's hissy-fit keeps Tony Martin off of food stamps, November 28, 2003

e5150 (United States) - See all my reviews

A perfect example of how the vocalist affects the music you write. "Dehumanizer" saw DIO return to the mic and subsequently was full of aggression, which suits his gruff voice just fine. "Cross Purposes", on the other hand, turns down the aggression level a little while retaining its' predecessor's heaviness in an attempt to simultaneously follow-up "Dehumanizer" adequately yet give Tony Martin some melody to work with.

This is definitely the best and heaviest of the Tony Martin-fronted albums, full of unrelenting metal with little in the way of radio fodder, yet not without its catchy moments. That's the perfect recipe for a classic metal experience.

Still, in some places it gets a little TOO heavy for Martin's voice to match up to, but overall this is a near perfect blend of "Dehumanizer" and "TYR".

And from the way things look, this was their last essential album.
Tags: Black, Sabbath, Cross, Purposes, Japanese, version, with, Bonus, track, covers, 1994
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